The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic

by Lara Doherty

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How to get unstuck, unlock your unique potential and discover a fulfilled and happier life. What if you could change your life? What would you alter? What would you do differently? Where do you start?

What if there were a method that you could follow to transform your life? Something that won’t take hours of effort every day. It might even be fun and enjoyable to do! A place where you'd feel supported and encouraged all the way.

Welcome to the The Motivation Clinic method! You will find it all in The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic - your pocket companion: everything you need to know, all in one book.

Discover the tools, strategies and methods - backed by neuroscience and research - that create clarity, help you be motivated and unleash exciting possibilities.

Let this book be your guide to getting unstuck, unlocking your unique potential and discovering a fulfilled and happier life.

Skip across these stepping stones to an extraordinary future.

Now lets go!

Lara xo

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